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Contemporary Collection

The collection is constantly enriched by the creative contribution of the designers who work with CRISTINA Rubinetterie.  A true design story that defines everyday life, thanks to products that find their reason for being in the modernity of their aesthetic canons. 

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  • Piega
  • Pix
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  • Accessories Inox Collection
  • Thermostatic Mixers
  • Showerheads with lighting
  • Shower & Bathtub Completions
  • Indoor / Outdoor Showers
  • Plate WC
  • WC Jet

Inox Collection

With the certification of the Centro Inox Quality Mark, the Inox collection is characterised by the use of AISI 316L stainless steel. The material used is non-toxic, resistant, recyclable and durable. All processing is done in-house, a further guarantee of product quality. 

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  • Art
  • Art Elite
  • Canova
  • Canova Elite
  • Impero
  • Londra
  • Accessories Classic Collection

Classic Collection

A series of concepts that complete and enrich the CRISTINA Rubinetterie product collection. Offering the possibility of personalising any bathroom environment, thanks to elements characterised by timeless classicism.

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  • Step
  • Pro 1
  • Prime
  • OK@Y
  • New Day
  • Elevation
  • Shower & Bathtub Completions


With the Selection line, CRISTINA Design Lab launches a collection designed for hospitality, which promises to enrich every space with sophisticated aesthetics and superior practicality. Each series in this collection features distinctive design and unmatched reliability.

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  • Thermostatic Mixers
  • Shower columns
  • Showerheads with lighting
  • Shower Heads & Arms
  • Waterfall & Body Jets
  • Spouts
  • Shower & Bathtub Completions

Shower & bath systems

A line that combines aesthetic aspects with crucial functional performance, understanding that the control and management of water is decisive in guaranteeing comfort and optimising the experience.

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Plate WC

The WC cistern plates enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, blending seamlessly with the coordinated taps and accessories to create a harmonious design.

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Wc Jet

A modern and more hygienic alternative to the traditional toilet brush, the WC/bidet mixer easily fits in any toilet or bathroom, providing a practical and functional solution.

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Cristina System

CRISTINA SYSTEM is the range of concealed products developed by CRISTINA Rubinetterie. The concealed bodies are designed to be universal and to be used with all the external sets included in the brand's various collections.

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