Project for the renovation of Cristina Rubinetterie's headquarters in Gozzano


Designers: Arch. Naomi Hasuike for Makio Hasuike & Co in collaboration with Arch. Paolo Rossi

Year: 2010-2012

The renovation of the CRISTINA Rubinetterie headquarters in Gozzano included a new construction, partial renovation of the buildings and of the interior design, with the aim of renewing the architecture and usability of the company's spaces.

The redevelopment work focused on the late 19th century building, the family's residence and a "trattoria" (located on the ground floor). The primary objective was to improve the existing building through an architectural "restyling" and the removal of volumes. A new order would be created which would build a "silver thread," with unitary elements connecting the look and usability of buildings of a different nature. Thanks to the application of a new "skin" (made of light surfaces in technical fabric stretched by a patented system, anchored to aluminium profiles) and the use of colour, continuity has been created between the various existing and new architectural volumes.

The new construction, a horizontal volume overlooking the historic building, becomes the entrance to the company. The fabric façade creates greater or lesser visibility between indoor and outdoor environments and ensures control of solar radiation towards the interior. The same system of profiles and tested technical fabric was used to cover the façade of the building. The interior design and the new distribution layout offer more usability and continuity to the spaces. The cellar has been transformed into a dining room for guests.

All the furnishings were planned on design. The spaces were created to ensure the right balance between environmental factors (natural light, openings and views) utilising technological systems and plants.

Showroom Via Fava

CRISTINA Rubinetterie presents the renewed dedicated exhibition space All the collections are present in the central offices in via Fava and Gozzano. Divided into three thematic areas corresponding to as many separate spaces which Dialogue between Loro and the visitors, which gave life to a show and a performance aesthetic and technical content.

The Showroom: adjacent to the main entrance of the headquarters, is a Glass box that welcomes the visitor and communicates with the outside
osmotic mode.  In the transparency of the walls and the illumination of natural light, it offers the Key new products with lightweight layout and minimal replication i Colors and dots for post rebranding.

The Agora: next to the meeting rooms, it is a very intimate atmosphere The present "Out of Collection" is part of the pieces
They created the history of CRISTINA Rubinetterie in a short time in a complete version of the "Present Collection", the series
characterize the current offer which is continuously updated.

The Technical Gallery: welcomes the technical spirit of Cristina: Shower & Bath Systems, numbers and different solutions for the atmosphere; the receipts, entirely produced in the company and characterizing the part Hidden but the beating heart of the wall solutions; SILFRA Bathroom Tech, products with less design but with a high technical content.
Let's not forget the Cucina collection with proposals inspired by the world Contemporary, Inox, Classic and Professional: each has its own solution. The use of a mirror in the background of all professional space galleries Another imagines a company projected towards an increasingly rich future of research and innovation.