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Alessandra Bertini - Phicubo

Alessandra Bertini is an architect and designer whose profession takes shape from a range of embracing competencies. She specializes in architectural design, interior design, and product design, combining humor and technique. In all of her projects, inspired by the principles of universal design, attention to sustainability and creativity take a central space.

Everything starts with a memory, an emotion, the amazement generated by having experienced a moment or by observing a detail. Ideas and projects are born from that impulse and are represented in a synthesis of lightness and linearity, with the aim of bringing out comfortable forms.

Over the years, some of her projects have received significant recognition, such as the Vespucci Award for research into new biodegradable materials, proFuse for careful study of the usability of kitchen design, Gheroarte for a new concept of urban furnishing, and the Code0039 award for the best eco-gadget.

Some bathroom furnishing projects, developed in collaboration with the Phicubo studio, a collaborative project in which she has been a part of for almost 20 years, have received recognition such as Design Plus Iconic Awards and VeloCity.